“Subscription boxes weren’t thinking about people of color.”

Here's Why This Beauty Box For Women of Color Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before


Maya Allen

Jan 3, 2017

Like many women of color, Jenae Harris, her mom Robin, and sister Jasmine were fed up with feeling like all of their subscription beauty boxes weren’t made with them in mind. “If it was makeup, the coloring would be off,” Harris told MPR News. “Lipstick, the shades would be inappropriate for my skin tone, or [the] hair products were not made for kinkier textured hair, like mine.

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So, Jenae, along with her mother and sister, decided to create HuesBox, a monthly subscription beauty box service — that ranges in price from $12 to $108 — made specifically for women of color. Each box comes with sample-size products, which, if they so desire, customers can purchase the full-size versions of online.

Here's Why This Beauty Box For Women of Color Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before


“This is by people of color, for people of color — not just African Americans,” Robin told MPR News. “We’re talking about Asians, Hispanics and American Indians because it’s this missing component of other boxes that are out there.”

To make sure the beauty boxes reach as many people as possible, the three women sit in their kitchen and box up each product themselves in their home in Burnsville, Minnesota. “This is a labor of love many years in the making,” the women state on their website. “HuesBox is more than a subscription box service. It is a full-scale community created to connect people of color interested in all things health and beauty.”

While this isn’t the first subscription box made for women of color, it is the first of its kind. Here’s what makes this specially curated box so unique: You can’t find these products in your local drugstore or at a makeup counter; therefore, each box comprises products from small business vendors you need to know about.

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Here's Why This Beauty Box For Women of Color Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before


What’s more, each product is based on ethnic traditions. For example, their box titled “Sailor Girl” features a lip balm made from a Native American reservation in Idaho and a whipped shea butter made by Butters by Jay, a black-owned business based in Brooklyn, New York.

In an effort for their box to serve a greater purpose, the women decided to also include wellness products. “We’ll have products to reduce stress and boost mental health — topics not discussed often in communities of color,” Harris told MPR News. “One of our goals is to generate those conversations and that’s why it’s important that this is not just a makeup box.”

This box is just the beginning for the family. They plan to expand to kids’ and men’s boxes, and create a health and beauty community online for their customers in the future. So continue to watch this space, because these ladies are just getting started!

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